Amir Khan Still Hopeful Of Securing Floyd Mayweather Fight

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Amir Khan Still Hopeful Of Securing Floyd Mayweather Fight

Amir Khan is in the dark regarding who Floyd Mayweather will choose to fight in his final bout, but the British fighter still retains hope of being the man across the ring from the American come September.

Mayweather is known for leaving the announcement of who his opponent will be as late as possible, and whilst Khan is unsure of his chances, he does believe that himself and Andre Berto are the two front runners.

”There are talks that the Mayweather fight might still happen,” Khan told Sport360.

”It’s between me and Andre Berto I really believe. Can it happen? I really think it can. I spoke to my trainer and a few people in my team and they think that me and Floyd Mayweather can happen. He likes to make his opponents wait.”

Mayweather’s final fight is scheduled for September 12, which is now just over eight weeks away. But Khan thinks ”Money” is just playing games by taking his time with the announcement.

”Maybe he’s making me wait and distracting me, making sure I am not focused on what my job is, so that I’m not in the gym and he’ll catch me off guard. But that’s not going to happen. I’m always in the gym and I always keep myself fit. I don’t think that will affect me in any way.”

Khan shares the same advisor as Mayweather, Al Haymon. But Khan says even Haymon has no clue about which direction Mayweather will go with his next foe.

”He says that Floyd hasn’t made up his mind yet. Floyd is the boss in his own promotional company like I’m the boss in mine. But the thing is, he picks and chooses when he wants to fight and who he fights. I don’t think Al Haymon has much say, he can only advise him.”

Just recently, when probed about his next opponent, Mayweather failed to mention Khan’s name, but did mention Berto and another 147lb fighter, Karim Mayfield. Both Berto and Mayfield are viewed as being further down the welterweight food chain than Khan is, though, so why did Mayweather decide to speak about those two names specifically?

Khan has been a training partner with both Berto and Mayfield at different times in his career and thinks that could potentially be the motive behind Mayweather’s name-dropping.

”I think so. I’ve been thinking that’s why he said those two names. He’s going to mention guys who train with me or who are always around me. He’s going to mention those guys to try and get under my skin. But I know all the games that Floyd Mayweather plays.”

If the Mayweather fight does elude Khan once again, then the 28-year-old still wants the biggest fight possible up next. Although don’t expect a clash with British rival Kell Brook any time soon.

”If I don’t get the September fight I’d like to be back out again in November or December like normal. I’ll be looking at those dates instead.

”But if I don’t get the Mayweather fight there is still no chance whatsoever that I will fight Kell Brook before the end of the year. It will have to be a big one and I’ll leave it to Al Haymon. Al will give me a call this week hopefully to let me know who it will be.”

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