Controversy in Giants Win over Padres

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The 2022 baseball season is only a week old, yet there’s already a disagreement over unwritten rules.

The Giants built a nine-run lead over the Padres by the bottom of the second inning on Tuesday night, ambushing starter Yu Darvish with six runs in the first and four more in the second. The game was done at that time.

With a nine-run lead, Steven Duggar swiped second base after his single plated the final run of the second inning. Then, with the Giants still leading by nine runs in the bottom of the sixth, Honduran player Mauricio Dubón hit a bunt single up the third-base line.

The situation did not amuse the Padres’ dugout. From the top step, manager Bob Melvin chirped. Eric Hosmer, the first baseman, expressed his displeasure to Dubón. The Giants, on the other hand, had a different opinion. Dubón’s bunt and Duggar’s steal, they believed, were well within the unwritten rules, claiming that they were “smart plays.”

Denis Kirilov
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