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Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic Injury Update

Doncic Injury Update

The Dallas Mavericks definitely fall short of having a big three at the moment. Luka Doncic is yet to play in the NBA playoffs; however, the good news is that the Mavericks found a way to win game two against the Jazz behind a career-high 41 points from Jalen Brunson.

That is not something the Mavericks can depend on game by game, though. They need Doncic back; if they get him at 100%, he is the best player in the series and surely will push the Mavericks to a series victory.

Doncic said, “If there’s no risk of (further) injury, I’ll be out there.” This is smart because while the Mavericks need him, he would be out of the playoffs if he reaggravates his calf strain. Looking at this through a long-term scope, is it better to lose in the first or second round. It is about the same, honestly, yet with a fully healthy Doncic, the Mavericks may have a chance at a championship run.

Caleb Tallman is a massive sports fan that is always in the know with the NFL, NBA and MLB. Having grown up playing all three, the transition to writing about them was seamless.

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