Instituto de Cordoba top San Martin to reach the Finals

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The third-seeded team, Instituto de Cordoba, made their way through to the Argentinian Basketball Finals, where they will face the top favorite from Quimsa. The squad from Cordoba had a tough task in the Semi-Finals against San Martin, who made their task the toughest possible forcing Game 5 after tying the series 2-2 following two straight victories at home. In the deciding match, Instituto de Cordoba was more consistent throughout the first half, which gave them a 10-point advantage during the break, 46-36.

Martin Cuello topped the scoring list on Wednesday as he finished off with 19 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. On top of that, Nicolas Romano came in clutch for the home side with his 15 rebounds which further relieved the pressure on his team. Despite the near-miss on the double-double for the match, Fabian Ramirez’ 12 points and 9 rebounds were not enough to cut the deficit below 10 points throughout the second half. In the end, the better team came on top as Instituto de Cordoba dismantled their opponents with their sheer accuracy and consistency for the final score, 76-61.

Denis Kirilov
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