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Kemba Walker traded to the Detroit Pistons

Kemba Walker will part ways with the New York Knicks following a three-team trade with the Hornets and the Pistons. He will go to Detroit in exchange for a future first-round pick that will be sent the Knicks’ way.

The 32-year-old point guard has had a fantastic career, as he spent 8 years with the Charlotte Hornets, followed by a 2-year spell in Boston and a 1-year venture in New York. Walker is also a 4-time NBA All-Star.
The New York Knicks have made some clinical trade moves that will allow the team to get a lot of draft potential in the future. The OKC Thunder will send multiple first-round picks to New York following Kemba Walker’s deal last summer.

The Hornets, on the other hand, have acquired Jalen Duren from this year’s draft and quickly sent him to the Knicks who eventually traded him back to the Pistons. This made him one of the few players to be traded twice on a draft night in the NBA. The Hornets themselves will also have the opportunity to get the 2025 first-round draft pick from the Detroit Pistons.

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