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LeBron James’ wants to own a team and he’s thinking Vegas

The 37-year-old small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has shared his desire to own an NBA team one day. After being part of the NBA for almost 20 years, the “King” surely is starting to think about life after his playing career. One of his biggest ambitions is to follow Michael Jordan’s steps and own an NBA franchise.

James himself shared his preferences choosing Las Vegas as the place for him after retirement. Although there isn’t a team over there yet, there have been numerous talks about an overall expansion within the League. Seattle and Las Vegas are the top favorites as NBA expansion candidates. However, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver suggested that it was still quite early to make such plans, but it would inevitably happen at some point in the future.

With the latest news about LeBron James becoming the first active NBA player to be crowned a billionaire according to Forbes, his dream of owning a team may be one step closer than we all think. He will first need to retire because he is not eligible to own a franchise during his playing career, but with him approaching the 40-year-old-mark this might happen in the nearby future.

Denis Kirilov has extensive knowledge of sports, from soccer and tennis to some of the more popular American sports. He has followed the NBA, NHL, and MLS for over a decade and enjoys providing sports reviews and predictions for upcoming games.

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