Memphis Grizzlies Ja Morant Injury Update

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The Memphis Grizzlies all held their collective breath in game 2 when Ja Morant and Karl Anthony Towns collided. Morant had dazzled all game long, leading the Grizzlies to a blowout win. Morant, after the collision, looked to be in lots of pain.

Morant, though, after spending a little time in the locker room jogged, backed out, was even able to play some in the fourth quarter. After slipping up in game one, the Grizzlies tied the series 1-1. Yet if Morant were to have to miss time, it would put their playoff run in serious jeopardy.

Morant, after the game, spoke as if it was no big deal and said he was fine. If that is true, the Grizzlies are talented enough to make a deep run, and with a budding superstar like Morant, they stand a chance to potentially compete for an NBA championship.

Caleb Tallman
Caleb Tallman is a massive sports fan that is always in the know with the NFL, NBA and MLB. Having grown up playing all three, the transition to writing about them was seamless.

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