NBA makes Play-In Tournament permanent

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After numerous talks concerning the newly-added Play-In Tournament, the NBA has finally reached a conclusion in regards to its future. The governors have voted to make another permanent change to the NBA by keeping the tournament for the long term.

The Play-In Tournament has begun on a trial basis in the 2020 bubble when the League has been suspended due to the emerging cases of Covid-19 worldwide. However, it turned out to be a success since it has given some teams who have been struggling throughout the year even more chance to recover from the slow start to the respective campaign.

The idea behind the play-in series is quite revolutionary as there seem to be several positive things that can come out of it. First of all, this tournament increases the importance of the Regular Season as the top-flight teams will have to fight for the first six spots in the Conference.

On the other hand, we have noticed that some teams find their rhythm right before the Playoffs, but due to injuries or just a bad streak from earlier, they are not eligible for the Postseason. Hence, this tournament can only improve the quality of the NBA Playoffs.

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