Penarol outclass Boca Juniors in game 3 to keep their chances alive

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After two straight victories for Boca Juniors, things weren’t looking bright for Penarol, who had to find a way to defeat their opponents in their Estadio Luis Conde in Buenos Aires. Penarol prolonged the series to game 4 at home. After some thrilling turn of events, the guests outplayed Boca Juniors, 68-75, as they built up a 10-point advantage at the beginning of the last quarter.

Joseph Avila had a fantastic game finishing off with 22 points and 11 rebounds on 9-12 shooting, but his efforts were not enough. Kevin Hernandez, Carlos Buendia, Federico Aguerre, and Leonardo Vildoza combined for just 20 points on 5-32 shooting from the field. Carlos Emanuel

Buemo and Federico Marin were the main reasons behind Penarol’s success as they ended up with 15 points and 14 points, respectively.

However, Penarol will still need to pull something else out of the hat as they go on the road for game 4 on Saturday. Boca Juniors are just one win away from reaching the Semi-Finals in the Playoffs in Liga A, and they will do their best to wrap it all up in Estadio Luis Conde.

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