Penarol smashes Aguada’s hopes for 4th title

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Penarol got in the way of the 2020 LUB Champions from Aguada, who were desperately hoping to make a huge comeback after finishing the season in 8th place. Aguada enjoyed some successful years as they managed to reach the Finals four consecutive times, winning on the last two occasions. The team was in shambles this year after losing 4 points due to a Federation decision which made them play the top-seeded Goes in the 2nd Round. However, they pulled off a miraculous performance to deny the top favorite to lift the trophy for the first time.

After two 5-game series against Nacional and Goes, it seemed that there was not much left in the tank for Aguada. They were completely outplayed by Penarol in all their matches, resulting in a 3-0 loss in the end.

Aguada’s point guard, Federico Bavosi, led the scoring list with 17 points, while Diego Soarez and Lee Roberts both surpassed the 15-point mark for Penarol. This victory means that two teams from Montevideo will battle for the crown this season. It’s either going to be a beautiful fairytale for Penarol winning their maiden title or a back-to-back success for Bigua, who are looking promising.

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