Quimsa defeat Boca Juniors to go into the Finals

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Quimsa did what was expected from them as they outclassed their rivals from Boca Juniors to win the series 3-1. The top-seeded team was more dominant throughout the Regular Season and throughout the Playoffs so far, thus deservedly winning their spot in the Finals in Liga A. They outshined their opponents with a dominant performance in the first half, which was more than enough to seal the deal for them in the end.

Sebastian Acevedo and Eric Anderson dropped double-doubles when it was most needed as both of them finished off the series against Boca Juniors with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Leonel Schattmannm, Boca’s guard, was the only player with more than 20 points in Game 4, but his 40% performance from the field was merely enough for a 17-point loss. Overall, Quimsa’s players were more accurate and won the battle in the paint, which came in crucial in the end.

Quimsa will try to snatch their second title in their history after lifting the trophy in 2014-15. They came really close to winning it once again last year, but their efforts were cut short by the dominant San Lorenzo team, who won their fifth consecutive title.

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