VISA Issues Could Have Ended Giannis’ NBA Run

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Back in 2019, Giannis Antetokounmpo was on the verge of ending his career in the NBA when a VISA rejection stopped his family from coming all the way from Greece to the United States. The three-strike rule has been implemented a while ago meaning that if someone’s application to the USA gets rejected three times, he/she won’t be eligible to ever enter the country. Giannis’ family was unlucky in their first two attempts and the “Greek Freak” suggested that he will leave the NBA if his parents were denied entry. Fortunately, his agent found a way to make sure they would be approved on their third try which eventually ended up quite beneficial for Giannis himself.

One of the most athletic players in the NBA, Giannis paved his path to a Championship in 2021 with the Milwaukee Bucks becoming one of the most loved players in their history. Following this unforgettable season, he signed a 5-year contract with the team worth a total of $228 million. The 27-year-old power forward has all the time in the world to chase more glory in the NBA, even though he has already cemented his legacy for the Bucks’ franchise.

Denis Kirilov
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