League Of Legends Unicorns Of Love Vs Copenhagen Wolves

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UOL will try and build on a productive Week 6, while the Wolves will continue the quest for their first win since Week 3 in this intriguing match-up which opens the day.

The Unicorns had arguably their toughest week yet in Week 6, and came out of it with a win over Origen and a hard-fought loss to H2K.

They were led to victory last week by much-maligned ADC Vardags, who went 5-0-10 in a monster Corki game. They will need much the same from him this week, as well as a return to form from Mid-laner PowerOfEvil, who had an off-week in W6, and is looking to bounce back against the minnows of the LCS in the Wolves and Elements.

The Wolves need to start winning games if they are to have any chance of avoiding the automatic relegation that comes with finishing last in the table. Recent roster change-ups at Top, Jungle and Support failed to pay dividends for them in Week 6, as they were steam-rolled by Fnatic and Gambit. The focus, as always, will be on Mid laner Soren and ADC Freeze, who are the only hold-outs from the beginning of the split. A win will almost assuredly come on the back of their strong play.

UOL dominated the first game of the split between these two teams, surrendering just 3 deaths in a summary domination. Look for the same kind of play this week… and likely the same result.


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