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F1 drivers believe new rules have improved racing

After Formula 1 introduced a raft of aerodynamic changes for the 2022 season, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and his rivals feel that the changes have produced better and more exciting races.

For the first time since 1982, ground effects were introduced in the hopes of reducing the dirty air produced by the cars and making it easier for the cars behind to follow closer.

“I think racing has improved. I think we’ve had good racing up to now but as well we’ve been to circuits that generally has good racing,” said the Mexican Perez.

British driver Lando Norris also shares the same sentiments as Perez, citing that the new rules have made races closer and better.

“I don’t know if it’s hit all exact numbers and whatever that has been, but it’s been made to have better racing, closer racing, more overtaking,” Norris added.

On top of the aerodynamic changes and ground effects, new 18-inch wheels have also been introduced this season to ensure that tires are less temperature-sensitive than before.

John Carlo A. Villaruel is an international sports journalist. His work has been published in Fox, Cebu Daily News, VAVEL, and several other publications across North America, Europe, and Asia. John is a huge fan of MLB and basketball and has been writing sports content for the past five years.

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