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FIA evaluates plans to increase number of sprint races in 2023

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The Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA) has yet to signal F1’s plan of adding six races to the Formula 1 sprint events next season.

It can be recalled that teams have unanimously shown their support for the proposal from F1 to organize six sprint events in 2023 at Tuesday’s meeting of the F1 Commission.

According to a press statement, FIA said that they are still assessing the impact of the proposal on its trackside operations and personnel.

An FIA spokesman also added that the request for further evaluation was not entirely money-related but a genuine operational purpose to ensure that they have the resources to do their jobs appropriately.

FIA currently receives about $40 million annually from F1 and an additional $1 million for every race held above 20.

“We’re not a profit-creating organization, but we do need to be properly resourced,” the FIA spokesman said.

The FIA, however, ensured that they will provide its feedback to the F1 Commission at the next meeting.

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