NFL Draft Profile DE Aidan Hutchinson

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Coming into the NFL combine, there were some questions about who would be the top pick in the NFL draft. Aidan Hutchinson made sure there was no doubt after his combine performance. He was a top-five pick before the combine but left everybody’s jaws on the combine floor, making him the consensus number one pick.


His production in college was almost worthy of a Heisman, which is increasingly rare in today’s college football world. His numbers at the combine were top of the chart, not just for this year’s combine but any year grading out as a 99 percentile athlete.


Not many, if any.


He has the rare ability to be a run-stuffing defensive end while also being a double-digit sack guy. He can beat opposing offensive tackles with power or speed. He has the potential to be JJ Watt good, and it is not a down-the-road thing; he could be that good on day one.

Caleb Tallman
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