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Freak of nature and defensive tackle are not typical terms heard in the same sentence referencing football players. However, the Georgia defensive tackle prospect Jordan Davis is the rare player to meet the qualification. He was the anchor in the middle of Georgia’s national championship defense. He is now looking to be the anchor of a lucky NFL team’s defense for the next ten years.

SIZE and more size, at 6’6 360 pounds, Davis is not just a big guy. He has otherworldly athleticism considering his size. Davis, at his best, can almost single-handedly shut down an opposing team’s run game. Yet he is also talented at rushing the passer, forcing a team to commit a double team to him or risk their quarterback getting sacked quickly.

Cons: Stamina as Davis has superior athletic gifts at his size but will need breaks throughout games.

Looking like he will go somewhere in the back half of the first round of the NFL draft. DT Jordan Davis will by himself improve a team’s run defense ranking by at least five spots.

Caleb Tallman
Caleb Tallman is a massive sports fan that is always in the know with the NFL, NBA and MLB. Having grown up playing all three, the transition to writing about them was seamless.

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