Soto likely to remain with the Nationals after trade deadline

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Washington All-Star outfielder Juan Soto is expected to stay with the Nationals amid speculations of being traded before the deadline.

Speaking on a radio interview, New York Post journalist and MLB insider Jon Heyman said that the Nationals are telling other teams that Soto won’t be moved.

“The Nationals are selling their team and I have heard that there are many bidders, they’re going to do very well, and every bidder has said they want Juan Soto on the team. My understanding is they have told people Soto is staying in DC,” Heyman said.

The Nationals are in the middle of their third straight losing season since hoisting up the World Series. Currently, they sport an abysmal 18-32 (win-loss) card, which is ahead of only the Cincinnati Reds and the Kansas City Royals’ 16-31 records.

Soto has been the lone bright spot in Washington’s forgettable season. As of this writing, the 23-year-old Dominican currently has nine home runs, 42 hits, and 178 at-bats.

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