A NASCAR con man showed up once again after 40 years

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Larry Wright was considered to be one of the biggest mysteries in NASCAR history. He appeared in the 1982 Talladega 500 when he claimed to have been an experienced driver with 43 races behind his back in the Busch Grand National. However, there was no evidence of such a driving history, but nonetheless, the NASCAR community let him take part in one of the most notorious tracks in the stock car racing.

He also lied about having big sponsorships with music artists Waylon Jennings, T.G. Sheppard, etc. Eventually, Wright found a way to qualify for the race in 36th place, but his driving skills gave him away as he was parked by NASCAR after just 13 laps. He then disappeared from the face of the Earth until May 2, 2022, when he came back with a podcast where he identified himself as a con artist. This date marked the 40th anniversary of his appearance in NASCAR.

L.W. Wright will remain one of the rarest cases in NASCAR history. He might not have been a professional driver, but he will be remembered as the person who managed to scam an entire sports community back in 1982.

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