Chris Buescher hangs upside down in Charlotte

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The 29-year-old driver for RFK Racing, Chris Buescher, suffered a horrendous crash on Sunday as he got involved in a collision with Daniel Suarez during Stage 3 of the race in Charlotte. The Mexican himself was enjoying a fantastic race before the crash that was caused by Chase Briscoe, who got in the back of the No.99 Chevrolet Camaro. After spinning on the track for a couple of meters, he got hit by Buescher’s car, which was eventually sent into the air afterwards.

Buescher flipped several times before stopping close to the safety zone. His right front suspension broke off, and rolling underneath the car caused that flipping in the air. At first, it seemed like a violent crash, but fortunately, it was confirmed that Chris Buescher was in good health following the end of the race. He only felt a bit sore due to the g-force that was applied to him during the crash. This presented yet another issue for NASCAR’s safety crew, who will need to work a lot to ensure each driver’s protection during a race.

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