Denny Hamlin is in search of greatness

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Denny Hamlin is one of the most recognizable NASCAR drivers throughout history, but his misfortune didn’t let him win any of the series. His best performance dates back to 2010 when he finished second behind Jimmie Johnson. Hamlin ended up in third place three times throughout his career, and the most recent occasion was last year, racking up 19 top 5 finishes.

Hamlin is off to a bad start to the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series, but his win at the 2022 Toyota Owners 400 in Richmond reminded us of his potential. However, this remains his sole top 10 performance for the season after 12 races which is a concerning fact. Joe Gibbs Racing can still count on drivers like Kyle Busch and Martin
Truex Jr., who show a lot of determination this year.

Hamlin, however, cannot be underestimated as he has proven to be one of the most consistent drivers under pressure. The 41-year-old signed a contract extension in 2021, but the new length and terms have not been revealed as he is expected by many to switch to his team at some point in time, 23XI Racing, which was founded in 2021 by him and Michael Jordan.

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