Kevin Harvick with his fifth top 10 finish in 2022

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The 46-year-old veteran, Kevin Harvick, once again proved his critics wrong with yet another decent performance this season. He finished 9th in the 2022 DuraMAX Dryden 400 in Dover on Monday, thus securing his fifth top 10 finish for this year. The 2014 NASCAR Cup Series winner has enjoyed a fantastic career throughout the last couple of seasons as he has been part of the top 8 in the overall standings ever since 2010. 

With his 12th place in the current standings, he looks eager to improve and chase his 59th career victory. His best result from 2022 came from the 2022 Toyota Owners 400 in Richmond, Virginia, when he ended up 2nd right behind one of his biggest rivals throughout his career, Denny Hamlin. 

Harvick went winless last year, which marked his first season since 2009 without a single victory. However, in the end, he finished 5th in the overall standings suggesting that he is far from being done with NASCAR. Harvick will do his best to get back to winning this season, but with the increased competition among the younger generation, this will surely be a tough task to accomplish.

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