Kyle Busch’s uncertain future in Joe Gibbs Racing

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Kyle Busch has been one of the most renowned stock car racing drivers throughout the last decade. The 37-year-old two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion might not continue his lengthy career in Joe Gibbs Racing. Earlier this season, one of their biggest sponsors, M&M, stated that they were not interested in extending their partnership with the team. The issue arises from the fact that the No.18 Toyota driven by Busch won’t get this much-needed help from a financial standpoint. This might result in Kyle’s fewer opportunities to stand out next year due to limited resources.

However, this is something that Joe Gibbs must deal with if the team owner wants to keep his longtime driver, who managed to lift the trophy back in 2015 and 2019. Everyone related to the team stands behind the option for Busch to sign yet another contract extension, but the final decision will be made solely by himself. The experienced driver is not yet done with the sport and will surely take his time when making such an important decision concerning his career.

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