The Next Gen car for 2022 brings on a new style to the stock car racing

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All racing championships around the world are trying to become more and more environmentally friendly while at the same time keeping their attractiveness and competitiveness. These new cars are made to be more economical, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the sustainability of the sport. They are also considered to be more durable, which solves some foreseeable issues ahead of every NASCAR team.

Up until this season, the drivers were using the old 1970s cars that have been modified and engineered in such a way to be optimized as much as possible. The engineers had enough time throughout the years to develop these cars to get the most out of each part in the specific track.

This revolution in NASCAR will bring a new style to the stock car racing in a way that will modernize the whole system. This will mean stronger competition between the engineers who will try to optimize these machines for as short a time as possible. All in all, this modification to the whole stock car racing was much needed as this will make the championship more modern and closer to the new emerging technologies.

Denis Kirilov
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