Nba Power Rankings January 12th

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are now on top of the NBA Power Poll.

Staying on top of power rankings is the best way to really know who is who in the National Basketball Association.

Without further delay, here are the rankings, top to bottom for the NBA.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers 29-10 (up 1)

Cleveland went 2-1 last week and move into the top spot after going a blistering 8-2 SU in their last 10 games and incendiary 14-3 in the last 17 games overall.

2. Los Angeles Lakers 29-8 (down 1)

The Lakers went a respectable 2-2 last week but surrendered the top spot to the red-hot Cavs and LeBron James.

3. Orlando Magic 24-9 (same)

The Magic went 2-1 last week and continue to look like they are arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference.

4. Boston Celtics 26-9 (same)

Boston went 2-1 without Kevin Garnett and will undoubtedly remain one of the top title contenders in the league this season – if they can maintain their health.

5. Dallas Mavericks 25-12 (up 1)

Dallas went 2-1 last week, recording a solid win over the Spurs in the process.

6. Oklahoma City 20-16 (up 2)

Oklahoma went 2-1 last week and continues to look like one of the best surprises in the league this season.

7. San Antonio Spurs 22-13 (up 2)

San Antonio went 2-1 last week but I’m not impressed as the Spurs lost to Dallas while beating the lowly Nets and Pistons.

8. Phoenix Suns 23-14 (up 2)

The Suns went 2-1 last week, recording solid wins over Houston and Milwaukee but falling to a lesser Miami team at home.

9. Denver Nuggets 23-14 (up 2)

The Nuggets went 2-1 last week, scoring an impressive win over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers along the way.

10. Houston Rockets 21-16 (down 3)

Houston went 1-2 last week but lost to two good teams on the road in falling to the Lakers and Suns.

11. Charlotte Bobcats 16-19 (up 4)

Charlotte went 2-1 last week and is starting to really look like a typical Larry Brown ballclub.

12. Atlanta Hawks 21-11 (down 1)

Atlanta went 0-3 last week and showed why they aren’t in the same class as the Celtics, Cavs and Magic.

13. Portland Trail Blazers 23-16 (down 8)

The Blazers went 1-3 last week and reportedly have big problems between head coach Nate McMillan and veteran point guard Andre Miller.

14. Utah Jazz 20-17 (down 1)

Utah went a respectable 2-2 last week and recently got back point guard Deron Williams after a short stint out of the lineup.

15. Memphis Grizzlies 18-18 (down 1)

Memphis went 2-2 last week and really looks like they have a legitimate shot at reaching the playoffs as one of the final seeds in the Western Conference.

16. L.A. Clippers 17-18 (up 2)

Los Angeles went a stellar 3-0 last week and say they want to make the playoffs this season, which, believe it or not, is a possibility.

17. New Orleans Hornets 19-16 (up 2)

New Orleans went a blistering 4-0 and looks like a totally different team than the one that started the season under former head coach Byron Scott.

18. Toronto Raptors 19-19 (down 2)

Toronto went 2-1 in the week just completed and has come around quite a bit lately after a pitiful start.

19. Miami Heat 18-17 (down 2)

The Heat went 2-2 last week and continues to overachieve despite the fact that superstar shooting guard Dwyane Wade doesn’t have much help at all.

20. Milwaukee Bucks 15-19 (up 2)

Milwaukee went 2-1 during the week that just ended, beating the struggling Nets and Bulls before losing to the Lakers in a game that saw shooting guard Michael Redd lost for the second consecutive season with a torn ACL and MCL in his knee.

21. Sacramento Kings 15-21 (same)

Sacramento went 1-2 last week, but should be able to get back to their surprising play after getting rookie point guard Tyreke Evans back on the court after the gifted rookie missed several games with a sprained ankle.

22. Chicago Bulls 15-20 (down 2)

Chicago went 1-3 last week – right after appearing to turn the corner the previous week.

23. New York Knicks 15-21 (same)

New York went 1-1 last week – and I’m really starting to think head coach Mike D’Antoni isn’t as bright as he was made out to be because of his successful stint with the Phoenix Suns.

24. Golden State Warriors 11-24 (up 3)

Golden State went 2-1 this past week and NBA gamblers should expect this team to continue covering the spread at a high rate.

25. Philadelphia 76ers 11-25 (down 1)

Philadelphia went 1-2 this past week and reports say that head coach Eddie Jordan is in trouble in just his first season with the franchise.

26. Washington Wizards 12-23 (up 2)

Washington went 2-2 last week and that should count as a minor miracle seeing as how this team had to deal with all of the fallout from the Gilbert Arenas gun mess.

27. Indiana Pacers 11-25 (down 1)

Indiana went 1-2 last week and is really hurting without superstar forward Danny Granger at this point.

28. Detroit Pistons 11-24 (down 3)

The Pistons went 0-3 last week and have sunken to entirely new depths as they ride a 12-game losing streak into the new week.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves 8-30 (same)

Minnesota went 1-2 last week and is reportedly set to move their best player, forward Al Jefferson.

30. New Jersey Nets 3-34 (same)

New Jersey went 0-4 this past week to help push head coach Kiki Vandeweghe one step closer to the nuthouse.

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