The Joker wins back to back MVP’s

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The Joker has done it, for the second year in a year the Serbian born centre Nikola Jokic has won the coveted title of Most Valuable Player. Jokic had a spectacular season despite recently being eliminated from the Playoffs by the Golden State Warriors. He managed to put up this season 27.1 PPG, 13.8 RBG and 7.9 APG which at the position he plays shows how impactful he is for his team the Denver Nuggets.

Jokic is one of 12 players to receive the MVP award for two seasons in a row showing the monumental achievement that he has just earned himself. What makes this accolade stand out even further is the fact that Jokic was drafted in the 2nd road back in 2014, showing that hard work and determination will pay off in the long run.

He also is a trailblazer for international players showing the world that you do not need to be born in the United States of America to succeed in the NBA. Jokic being the humble man he is found word of his newly acclaimed award after travelling through his home village on a horse and cart. One thing is for sure Jokic, please never change!

Jasper Bushby-Edwards
Jasper is a UK based sports journalist with a love of American sports. He is an avid fan of the NBA and the world of Professional Wrestling such as AEW, NJPW and WWE.

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