Toronto Raptors Odds In The Futures Market

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The Raptors are one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now.

The Toronto Raptors are certainly heading in the right direction.  They have won 8 of their last 10 games and, along with the Cleveland Cavaliers, they are the hottest team in the NBA.

Unfortunately that will all likely lead to a first round playoff loss to Orlando, Boston, or Cleveland, but who knows – maybe the Raptors can finish 4th or 5th, avoid playing one of those teams in the first round, and squeak out a first round victory.

Presently the Raptors are only 19-19 but that is good enough for 6th in the Eastern conference for the time being.

And make no mistakes about Toronto: this is a team that deserves some credit.  They started out the season frustrated but they remained fairly positive through it all and now a playoff position is their’s to lose as the mid-season approaches.

As far as odds go Toronto is +5000 (50/1) to win the Eastern Conference playoffs with Boylesports and they are +12500 (125/1) to win the NBA title.

We aren’t recommending either of those bets, as Toronto have struggled with the top teams in the East so far this year.  However we are statusing Toronto as dangerous so perhaps they will play a significant role come playoff time this year.

Leigh Copson
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