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Nfl Philadelphia Eagles Vs Dallas Cowboys Odds

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Wild Card Weekend, Saturday edition, kicks off the night with the most fans have been looking forward to all week.

The Dallas Cowboys are a lot of people’s dark horse team to win the Superbowl.  They’ve peaked at the right time and have looked great in their recent games.  They have come in as the favorite in their Wild Card game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you are looking for the best price on the Cowboys then head over to bet365 where they are currently priced at -185 (20/27).  If you are backing the Eagles, then you could stay with bet365 as they have Philly priced at +165 (33/20).  However, for a better price on the Eagles head to Ladbrokes as our staff found a price there that is marginally better, at +170 (17/10).


Leigh Copson
Leigh is, without a doubt, the most over worked writer here at Crunch Sports. A statistician at heart, she can reel off Superbowl plays from decades ago. If we need a deep-dive into the numbers in any sport, we call Leigh first.

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