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NHL roundup: J.T. Miller with a 33-minute hat trick

Between a busy season and announcing the league’s withdrawal from the 2022 Beijing Olympics, the NHL had quite the week.

J.T. Miller dominated much of the news on January 28 as his hat trick made headlines.

History of the hat trick

Hat tricks have a long history, though hockey fans might be interested to learn that they actually originate from a game of cricket in the UK.

In 1858, an all-England squad played against a team from Hallam, South Yorkshire.

One player taking part was bowler H.H. Stephenson, and while he might not be a household name, diehard hockey fans interested in the history of the game might be familiar with the story.

At that fateful game, Stephenson scored three consecutive wickets (this means that he managed to strike the stakes, typically with a batter in front of them, three times in a row).

In response to Stephenson’s accomplishment, a collection for a hat was taken up, and the money went to purchase a gift for the player.

In hockey in the modern day, a hat trick is recognized with the throwing of hats onto the ice by happy fans.

This is especially true if the player is playing with the home team.

Players scoring three consecutive goals are quite literally the subject of a hat trick, with caps raining down from the heavens.

J.T. Miller’s recent hat trick

Now that we know the history of the hat trick, we can turn our attention to today’s news.

Miller, a distinguished American player with the Vancouver Canucks, recorded a natural hat trick less than 33 minutes into the Canucks’ game against the Winnipeg Jets on January 28.

This was Miller’s second career hat trick, with the first recorded on March 13, 2018.

Miller also led the team in the number of goals scored during the match-up, with a respectable 15.

Miller is not the only player who excelled in the Canucks’ game against Winnipeg, however, with Brock Boeser scoring a goal and getting two assists.

Spencer Martin also impressed with 33 saves, a career high as the team completed their sweep of the three-game season series.

Other NHL news

In addition to Miller’s hat trick in the Canucks’ win, the week has been an exciting one for NHL fans.

Quinton Byfield scored for the Los Angeles Kings in his 10th NHL game ever, this one against the New York Islanders, making him at 19 years the youngest to do so since Drew Doughty in 2009.

The Edmonton Oilers vs Nashville Predators game was also notable as the Oilers won their third game in a row.

Connor McDavid scored the winning goal, ending the Predators’ three-game winning streak.

Despite the loss, Juuse Saros gave an impressive performance with his 44 saves.

Did you keep up with the NHL news this week? Let us know what caught your attention!

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