Superclasico due to be held at Australia’s MCG Stadium

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For the second time in the long storied history of Brazil vs Argentina, the match dubbed the Superclasico will take place in Australia’s MCG stadium.

The MCG is in Melbourne and can hold up to 100,000 spectators. It is mostly used for cricket and Australian Rules contests.

Despite both Brazil and Argentina having secured their World Cup spots a long time ago, Brazil and Argentina are yet to finalize their qualifying campaigns.

The sides were due to meet back in 2021 but the match was memorably stopped after it was revealed that the Premier League trio of Emi Martinez, Cristian Romero, and Emi Buendi had all breached Brazil’s COVID rules. The three players were removed from the pitch by the Brazilian authorities.

With both teams having nothing to play for the decision was made by both the Argentine and Brazilian FAs to move the match to a new neutral location.

With the match being confirmed to take place in the MCG it should provide the perfect platform for the superstars of both teams to show what they can do.

Jack Hartman
Jack Hartman is a Glaswegian writer who has been writing for many years. He is a sportswriter with a particular passion and focus on football, and he particular enjoys Latin American soccer.

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