Race for Golden Gloves is well and truly on

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It almost seems unfair that Brazil have two world-class goalkeepers and only one can play. Both Ederson and Alisson are amongst the very best in the game.

Both players play a vital role in the success of their domestic sides and will need to maintain their high level of form if either Liverpool or Manchester City are to win the Premier League or Champions League title.

Both teams in the league have played 32 games and the two Brazilians are neck and neck when it comes to the race for the Golden Glove title. Both keepers have kept 18 clean sheets apiece.

Despite the rivalry between the two teams, it’s clear that both Ederson and Alisson have a great level of respect for each other.

Ederson has won the title for the last two years with Allison winning it back in 2018.

Both players will be wanting to start for Brazil at the upcoming World Cup. It’s Alisson that currently has the possession of the Brazil national shirt and if he can cement the Golden Gloves, it could see him given the edge for the upcoming World Cup.

Jack Hartman
Jack Hartman is a Glaswegian writer who has been writing for many years. He is a sportswriter with a particular passion and focus on football, and he particular enjoys Latin American soccer.

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