South American Volleyball Congress

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The Congress was held in Belo Horizonte on the 13th April and welcomed representatives from the South American Volleyball Confederation’s (CSV) 12 National Federations, discussing the sport’s development throughout South America.

During his speech, the FIVB President ,Dr Ary S. Graça F°, acknowledged the challenges that the sport has faced in recent years but praised the FIVB and the global volleyball family for overcoming these obstacles. He also gave an update on the FIVB’s groundbreaking partnership with CVC Capital Partners and the launch of Volleyball World as a result of it.

‘The FIVB has collaborated with Volleyball World to take the sport to a whole new level,’ he said. `We haven’t forgotten about sport’s soul; we’ve followed its progress and modernised it. This is evident in the launch of the Beach Pro Tour this year, which is proving to be a game-changer for beach volleyball, with unrivalled TV production and sports presentation.’

Dean McHugh

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