Stein And Wanderley Top Czechs In Ostrava

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On Thursday, Andre Stein and George Wanderley disappointed their hosts in Ostrava, but delighted their fans back home in Brazil.

The Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour Elite 16 challenge in Ostrava, Czech Republic has been underway for two days now. There have been many great matches already, though few better than Thursday’s bout between Stein and Wanderley and the Czech Republic’s Jakub Sepka and Tomas Semerad.

Though the Brazilians ultimately won in straight sets, the match was closely contested. Sepka led the first set with 12 ABS points. Unfortunately for the Czechs, he also committed seven errors and the Brazilians won 21-17.

The second set was even tighter. Stein and Wanderley committed five combined errors. Sepka captured two serve points. Ultimately though, Wanderley’s nine attack points proved decisive. The Brazilians eeked out a 21-18 victory and sealed the match.

Play will continue in Ostrava throughout the week, with gold medal matches on Sunday.

Nathan Porceng
A lifelong fan of the MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and volleyball, Nathan began working as a sportswriter in 2022. He also enjoys writing poetry and has had work featured in several publications, including UpChat, Infection House, Headline, and Fleas on the Dog.

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