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WWE Wrestlemania 31 Betting Tips Preview


It is WrestleMania season and our resident WWE fan, Leigh Copson, has taken a break from sulking about not going this year in order to pick out his three best bets for Sunday’s massive event in Santa Clara…

Santa Clara, California plays host to the biggest event on the WWE calendar on Sunday and wrestling fans from around the world will be descending on Levi Stadium, while millions more will be tuning in on television and via the WWE Network (which is available for 9.99… of course)!

It is certain to be an historic night as the legendary Sting wrestles in a WWE ring for the first time, while Brock Lesnar takes on Roman Reigns in one of the most wide open main events – betting-wise – in recent memory.

So what bets should you place on WrestleMania 31? Check out my best three bets for Sunday night…

Back Randy Orton to beat Seth Rollins (odds 6/4 at time of writing with Paddy Power)

This is a match that can certainly go either way on Sunday, but for me I think it will go the way of Randy Orton.

Seth Rollins obviously has a bright future ahead of him and WWE certainly has big plans for ‘Mr Money In The Bank’, but a loss at WrestleMania would not do any real damage to his rise. Orton needs to get his revenge for the attack that put him out of action and to get it he really has to have his hand raised on Sunday.

Rollins, on the other hand, can ride out a defeat because he is undoubtedly the number one heel on the roster at this time, and his character is made for instances like this where he can moan and probably blame the defeat on J&J Security or other members of The Authority.

Orton wins now, Rollins wins in the long run.

Back Daniel Bryan to win the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match (odds 1/2 at time of writing)

A large chunk of the fanbase are unhappy about Daniel Bryan being overlooked for the main event, but they should have something to cheer at the end of Sunday night’s ladder match.

WWE are reportedly looking to re-establish their secondary titles – with the aim of making them main event features on non-televised live events – and the Intercontinental title would almost certainly get a big boost in notoriety if Bryan was to claim it.

The former world heavyweight champion is considered a main-event star amongst the fans and of everyone in this match, he is the one that stands out if WWE’s intentions are to make their secondary belts means something again.

Plus, it would be a nice touch to see Bryan win a title he genuinely values after a difficult 12 months that saw him lose his father and get sidelined for lengthy period due to a neck injury.

Back Brock Lesnar to win the main event (Evens at time of writing with William Hill)

Of all my tips, this is the riskiest. Brock Lesnar’s contract situation has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, and amid rumours he was planning a return to MMA the bookies went with Roman Reigns as their odds-on favourite.

However, the ‘Beast Incarnate’ put an end to all of the chatter when he inked a new contract with WWE at last Monday night’s episode of RAW and that has forced the bookies to have a rethink. Some are now odds-on about him winning the match, but William Hill are offering Evens and that is certainly worth considering now that Lesnar is committed to WWE for another three years.

Him winning would certainly tie in with reports that the company are planning to make their secondary titles main-event features on the live show circuit.

Recommended Bets:

– Back Randy Orton to beat Seth Rollins
– Back Daniel Bryan to win the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
– Back Brock Lesnar to win the main event

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