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The New York Yankees take their 5th win in a row

The New York Yankees take another win

The best performing team last week, the New York Yankees, continue showing high-quality results. They took out the Baltimore Orioles for a second consecutive time in a clash in the AL East Division. The Yankees took a 2-0 lead after the first inning as they managed to maintain this advantage all the way to the end, netting a 5-2 win.

This was a fifth straight win for the New York Yankees who asserted their dominance with victories over the Cleveland Guardians and the Baltimore Orioles. This was a third win out of three matches in which the team’s pitcher was Michael King. On top of that, Joey Galo hit yet another home run – his second in two games – another high-end performance right before some tough matchups in May.

The Orioles remain in the bottom of the table with 6 wins and 12 losses after the first couple of series in the MLB this season. They are undoubtedly the underdog in their Division, while the Yankees are looking better and better with time. They top the League with their 12-6 record as their runs-difference statistic is something their opponents should be scared of.

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Dean McHugh

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