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The Suns are still shining in Phoenix

Suns win game 2

There seems to be no stopping the reigning Western Conference champions the Phoenix Suns as they have just won the second game in the series against the Mavs. The score was 129-109 and the Suns showed the league why so many have them as favorites to win the series and ultimately the most prized possession in basketball, the NBA championship.

Booker and Paul put on an amazing show as the dynamic duo combined managed to score 58 points on the Dallas team. It seems that one man isn’t enough for Dallas however as Luka scored 35 points and was the only real presence on the Maverick’s team.

Fans do not think that Dončić has the right support around him to win this battle and many think it is already over for the Mavs. Dončić would benefit next season with the Mavericks bringing in some talent to even out the frontcourt as since Kristaps Porziņģis left the squad there have been no huge names to play with Dončić (other than big Boban that is). Fans and critics can see Dončić having a superb career, so let’s hope we can get the right support around him as right now, one man can not do it all.

Jasper is a UK based sports journalist with a love of American sports. He is an avid fan of the NBA and the world of Professional Wrestling such as AEW, NJPW and WWE.

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