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Flamengo took the lead against Minas

Flamengo defeated Minas in Game 1

Flamengo made the best out of their first home game in the Semifinals in the NBB. The team from Rio de Janeiro was unstoppable throughout the first half of the match as they went on a 39-26 lead during the 20-minute break. They eventually let Minas cut their deficit to 5 points, but this was the most they could have done as the game ended 76-67. Alexey Borges and Shaquille Johnson were most effective on the field in Game 1, but their 17 points and 15 points were far from enough for Minas. Flamengo was simply the more consistent team during the game as four players finished off in the double digits – Lucas Martinez, Joao Paulo Batista, Olivinha Rodriquez, and Yago. This was the first win for the team from Rio de Janeiro after a string of losses they’ve faced this year. The 7-time NBB champions from Flamengo are the most feared team in the league, but they seem to have been losing their grip this season. On the other hand, the team from Belo Horizonte hasn’t won a significant trophy since 2007 when they took the Campeonato Sudamericano de Clubes after defeating Boca Juniors in the Final.

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