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NBA 2022 Draft: Jeremy Sochan

Draft Preview: Sochan

Jeremy Sochan is a power forward coming out of Baylor University. For Baylor this season he put up 9.2 PPG, 6.4 RPG, and 1.8 APG whilst shooting 29.6% from the three. Some may be put off by his low three-point shooting percentage and this is something Sochan will have to work on to further better himself for the league.

His body is nearly there for the NBA but an off-season with the right training and weight management will aid him further in his career. He has incredible stamina for someone of his size and longevity won’t be an issue for this young power forward.

Teams that would benefit from drafting Jeremy Sochan would be the Wizards and Spurs as both are in need of some support when it comes to the 4 position. If not many can see him slotting in nicely to the New Orleans Pelicans roster.

Jasper is a UK based sports journalist with a love of American sports. He is an avid fan of the NBA and the world of Professional Wrestling such as AEW, NJPW and WWE.

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