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Kai Verbij to stay with Team Jumbo-Visma for another two years

World champion speed skater Kai Verbij, who hails from the town of Leiderdorp in the western Netherlands, has signed a contract extending his involvement with Team Jumbo-Visma for another two years.

The Dutch sports outfit merged professional cycling and speed skating, establishing a new organisational model for the top sports in the Netherlands.

In a statement released by Jumbo-Visma, Verbij said that he enjoys being part of the team and that coach Jac Orie is helping him to develop and tap into his full potential.

Verbij backed this up by explaining that all team sprinters record times below 35 seconds in the 500 meters and at least 1.08 seconds in the 1,000 meters.

This season, the two-time 1,000-meter world champion is the fifth sprinter to extend their contract with Jumbo-Visma..

The other members of the team are Dai Dai N’tab, Thomas Krol, Tijmen Snel and Merijn Scheperkamp.

This contract extension followed in the wake of a successful season to date.

Verbij’s performance at the NK Distances in Heerenveen in November, which mark the start of the Olympic skating season, was remarkable.

The sprinter skated his way to the national title in both the 500-meter and 1,000-meter races.

In December 2021, he managed to secure an Olympic starting ticket for these distances.

Coach Orie expressed his satisfaction with Verbij’s performance, he commented that Kai is a very talented skater, who still has so much more to show, and he has the capabilities to be among the world’s best in the 500, 1,000 and 1,500 meters.”

At the moment, Verbij is preparing for his second Olympics.

During his first Olympics, his competition rhythm let him down, and he had to settle for ninth place in the 500 meters and sixth place in the 1,000 meters.

Those in the know feel that he is a strong medal contender for the Beijing Games.

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