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The Apprentice 2014 Sunday Finals Odds – Mark favourite to beat Bianca in final showdown

Who will win the Apprentice tonight?

The bookmakers have made Mark Wright the 1/3 favourite to win The Apprentice 2014 after reaching the final two, where he will face Bianca Miller in a battle for Lord Sugar’s £250,00 investment.

Here are now just two contestants remaining in The Apprentice 2014 and the odds suggest that Australian Mark Wright will be going into business with Lord Alan Sugar.

The 24-year-old survived last week’s double elimination in the boardroom, largely down to his superior business plan and that was the case once again in the penultimate week, with Mark’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) business proposal far stronger than some of the others on offer.

Solomon Akhtar was laughed out of the boardroom for his 4 page document that included a page of pictures and he was quickly followed by Roisin Hogan, who had clearly bitten off more than she could chew with a range of carb free ready meals.

Roisin’s plan may well have been one that Bird’s Eye will look into but a £250,000 investment was never going to be enough to take on the supermarkets and her market research of just six people was a huge error on the part of the long time favourite.

Bianca Miller looked to be in a strong position halfway through the interview process, with her cool professionalism impressing the judges. However, Bianca was thrown when she was accused of hiding behind this mask of professionalism and, with the claims perhaps touching a nerve, the 25-year-old became visibly upset, bursting into tears when sitting down to talk to former Apprentice winner Ricky Martin.

Bianca was saved by the fact that the only contestant remaining who had even remotely impressed was Daniel but the bold and brash former market seller was never a serious contender to be Lord Sugar’s business partner. The Amstrad founder perhaps saw a little of himself in Daniel and enjoyed keeping him in the competition as a bit of comi foil but when push came to shove the 27-year-old was fired, leaving Bianca and Mark in the final.

It’s tough to see how Bianca comes back from her breakdown though, even if her range of hosiery for dark skinned women is a potentially great product. The former HR consultant show of weakness, plus the fact that her business would need ignificant investment in a crowded marketplace, puts her as the 11/4 outsider against 1/3 favourite Mark heading into the final task.

Mark is not infallible though and he will need to turn around his losing record in order to win the competition. However, Lord Sugar is clearly very impressed by the 24-year-old both personally and professionally and that should see him crowned The Apprentice 2014.


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