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Could the Monaco GP be dropped from the F1 calendar?

This weekend sees F1 make its annual visit to the streets of Monaco for the latest round of the 2022 world championship.

The race has become synonymous with the sport since its first championship race in 1950, and it is often referred to as F1’s jewel in the crown. It provides the ultimate test for the drivers as they navigate the twists and turns of Monte Carlo at high speed. Quite simply, there is no race like it.

However, with a current contract that doesn’t run beyond 2022, there is a risk that the once untouchable Monaco Grand Prix could be dropped from the calendar.

The track has changed very little during its history and the races in recent years have become processional, with overtaking opportunities limited.

F1’s owners, Liberty Media, are keen to increase the number of races and to visit new venues. Monaco is believed to pay one of the lowest fees to host a race and with other nations willing to pay more, Liberty may look elsewhere.

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who is from Monaco, believes that axing the race would be bad for both the sport and the venue. “It would be a bad move for both parties now. I have never known Monaco without F1 apart from Covid reasons in 2020 and F1 without Monaco for me is not F1,” he said.

With uncertainty surrounding the future of the Monaco Grand Prix, could an exciting race this weekend help to prolong its stay on the calendar?

Simon is a keen writer who has always had a strong interest in sport. His particular passions are motorsport and soccer which he frequently writes about.

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