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PROJECT91 launched by Trackhouse Entertainment Group

New initiative launched by Trackhouse

One of the biggest professional stock car racing organizations, Trackhouse Racing Group, posted a huge update today regarding their ambitions to globalize NASCAR. The team announced the start of PROJECT91, which will be an initiative that will focus on promoting the most renowned racing car championship in the United States across the ocean. Despite the desire to keep its roots in the country and retain its status as a national sport, the country understands all the missed opportunities throughout the years. Now, they have made up their mind, supporting Trackhouse Racing Team’s ambitious manoeuvre.

The No.91 Chevrolet Camaro will participate in at least one race in the NASCAR Cup Series this season which will feature an international racing driver. The vision of the project is a long-term partnership with NASCAR, hoping that the potential success, in the beginning, will increase the overall interest in this sport. This will eventually make it easier for the program to expand in the future that looks way more international in the eyes of the team.

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