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Gualdi satisfied with performance at South American Youth Games

Gualdi satisfied with performance at South American Youth Games

Vaunted Argentine racquet-wielder Iona Gualdi is happy with her performance in the recently concluded III South American Youth Games in Rosario.

The 17-year-old Gualdi, who came into the tournament with nagging back pain, fell short of a gold medal finish after losing in the women’s singles to Peruvian Fernanda Munar 9-21, 9-21.

However, she managed to regain her composure in the battle-for-third matches, beating the likes of Maria Da Cruz of Brazil 21-17, 16-21, 21-17, and Melanie Mandich of Ecuador.

“The singles match was very hard. I had a pain in my back, but I was able to win it and I am very happy with the results and the medal,” said the soft-spoken Gualdi in an interview with AAD journalist Joel Katz.

Meanwhile, Gualdi and doubles partner Ailen Oliva also finished with bronze in the doubles event after a lopsided loss to the Brazilian pair of Da Cruz and Juliana Viana 7-21, 5-21 in the semi-final round.

John Carlo A. Villaruel is an international sports journalist. His work has been published in Fox, Cebu Daily News, VAVEL, and several other publications across North America, Europe, and Asia. John is a huge fan of MLB and basketball and has been writing sports content for the past five years.

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