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Castillo saga could see Italy into World Cup

Castillo saga could see Italy into World Cup

As we reported last week, FIFA are currently investigating the Ecuadorian FA regarding the potential ineligible fielding of right back Byron Castillo.

FIFA were alerted to a potential issue by the Chilean FA. They have claimed that Castillo was ineligible for selection as he was not born in Ecuador, but Colombia, they also claimed that Castillo is actually three years older than what the Ecuadorian FA had previously stated.

The Chileans are looking for Ecuador to be removed from the World Cup and for every opponent who faced Ecuador to be awarded three additional points. Implementation of these measures would see Ecuador moved out of the automatic qualifying spots with Chile taking their place.

However, reports in Italy have claimed that if Ecuador are removed from the World Cup then it could be the Italians who would benefit.

According to FIFA rules, if a team is disqualified from the Finals, the highest-ranked nonqualified team would take their place – and in accordance with the rankings, this would be Italy.

The Italians won’t be at this year’s World Cup after they suffered a shock playoff defeat to North Macedonia.

A lot would need to happen for the Italians to take their place at the World Cup, but for now, the Italians have been granted a small glimmer of hope.

Jack Hartman is a Glaswegian writer who has been writing for many years. He is a sportswriter with a particular passion and focus on football, and he particular enjoys Latin American soccer.

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