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Transfer Deadline Review – A Look at the Major Moves

The January transfer is almost always the quieter of the two transfer windows. Often very little happens, with most clubs not wanting to make significant moves that could interrupt their club’s season flow and chemistry. However, this transfer window and its deadline day were a little different, with several noteworthy moves and others that could pay dividends for clubs in the future.

Luis Diaz: Porto to Liverpool for £45m

Luis Diaz has been playing at a consistently high level for two-plus years in Primeira Liga. He is definitely among the top-rated wingers in all of Europe. His Success at Porto has earned him an opportunity at one of the biggest clubs in the world in Liverpool. If he can translate the same success at his new club, the Premier League had better watch out.

Kieran Trippier: Athletic Madrid to Newcastle United for £12m

Newcastle United’s financial takeover has been well chronicled, and the club is certainly making moves to turn itself into a contender in the coming years. Trippier is one sign of the club’s plans to do just that as a player of his caliber could quickly become one of the club’s foundational pieces.

Donny van de Beek: Manchester United to Everton on a Loan

At times, a player that has been underwhelming could end up being a plus move. This could be the case for new Everton manager Frank Lampard in the form of Donny van de Beek. The Manchester United loanee can play several different roles in midfield, and with a change of scenery and a coach willing to use him creatively, it could be the move the Dutch international has needed.

Dusan Vlahovic: Fiorentina to Juventus for €70m

One of the brightest young forwards in modern football, Vlahovic is about to get to test himself at one of Italy’s premier clubs – Juventus. While Vlahovic turned down an opportunity to transfer to Arsenal, the Juventus fanbase hopes he is the solution to their scoring troubles for the next foreseeable future.

Ferran Torres: Manchester City to Barcelona for €55m

This high money move came as a bit of a surprise given Barcelona’s frequently reported financial problems. On the field, though, the rationale behind this transfer cannot be argued. Torres may just be that missing midfield piece of the puzzle for the La Liga giants.

Jeremie Boga: Sassuolo to Atalanta for €22m

Atalanta like Boga so much that they are breaking their own rules by paying the reported fee of €22m for the French Forward. His fantastic form at Sassuolo was enough for Atalanta to put faith in him as their most expensive signing in the club’s history. His goal-scoring prowess will be well worth it if he can carry over his form at his new club.

These are just a few noteworthy signings that occurred during this recent transfer window – one that is sure to go down as one of the busier January transfer windows in recent memory. It will be interesting to watch if some of the big signees can prove they were worth it to their new clubs. While we will also watch if some of the loanees that went out can get their careers back on track.

Kirk is a lifelong follower of all motorsports, particularly Formula 1, Nascar and WRC. When not found at the side of the circuit, eyes stinging from the burnt rubber, he also covers tennis, eSports and other categories for us.

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