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The Milwaukee Brewers seek the 1st World Series title in the franchise history

The Milwaukee Brewers is among the favorites to win the title

The Milwaukee Brewers are among the favorites to win it all at the end of the 2022 MLB season. They are still looking for their maiden title in the most decorated baseball league in the world. Last year, the team from the National League Central Division managed to reach the Division Series in the Playoffs just to be outplayed by the future champions from Atlanta in dominating fashion.

The Brewers were founded back in 1970 and they were rarely among the top contenders for the title. This season is a bit different as the expectations are set quite high for the team led by the former Milwaukee player Craig Counsell. Even after the retirement of their legendary left fielder, Ryan Braun, the Brewers still found decent replacements with some swift trades in 2019 and 2020.

The team from Milwaukee started off the current campaign with two unpleasant losses to the Chicago Cubs. They seem far from their top form, which is understandable, having in mind the duration of the season. However, the Brewers will surely need to get things going if they want to have time to switch their focus on the decisive Playoffs.

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