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The Washington Nationals will struggle in 2022

Another blank season awaits the Washington Nationals

Another blank season should be awaiting the Washington Nationals as they continue looking for their title-winning performance from 2019. The Nationals managed to break a 50-year drought by defeating the Houston Astros in a mouth-watering World Series that went all the way down to the wire.

The Washington Nationals have missed on reaching the Playoffs in the next two years as they went back to setting below .500 records for the entire season. The team has been struggling after the retirement of Howie Kendrick. On top of that, Anthony Rendon parted ways with the Nationals to chase a career in Los Angeles, while Max Scherzer is now a fresh addition to the unpredictable New York Mets.

The good news for them is the fact that “Childish Bambino”, Juan Soto, will continue building his career in Washington. The 23-year-old Dominican has been among the top-performing baseball athletes ever since his debut in 2018. His plate discipline is phenomenal as he is renowned mainly for his movements inside the batter’s box. However, even with such talent on their roster, it seems that the Nationals will need to wait a bit more for their second World Series title.

Denis Kirilov has extensive knowledge of sports, from soccer and tennis to some of the more popular American sports. He has followed the NBA, NHL, and MLS for over a decade and enjoys providing sports reviews and predictions for upcoming games.

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1 Comment

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