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‘Hustle’ takes the Basketball world by storm

‘Hustle’ is a 2022 American sports drama film released on Netflix at the beginning of June. It portrays the story of Adam Sandler who is an NBA scout in search of raw basketball talents on the streets. The movie also stars NBA players like Jazz’s power forward Juancho Hernangomez and Timberwolves’ shooting guard Anthony Edwards. The Spanish player takes up the role of an outstanding NBA prospect (Adam Sandler’s discovery) who gets a second chance in life to make things right. On the contrary, Minnesota’s star becomes Hernangomez’s biggest rival in the movie.

To top it off, LeBron James acts as a producer with his entertainment development company SpringHill Company. The 37-year-old small forward of the Los Angeles Lakers has not once shown his interest in the business world outside of basketball. The movie has become one of the hottest topics lately across the NBA community as well as the followers of LATAM basketball. It is a striking mixture of sports and drama adroitly depicted by the incredible performance and chemistry between Sandler and Hernangomez. ‘Hustle’ has received top-notch reviews by many critics worldwide as it slowly, but surely makes its way to the greatest basketball movies of all time.

Denis Kirilov has extensive knowledge of sports, from soccer and tennis to some of the more popular American sports. He has followed the NBA, NHL, and MLS for over a decade and enjoys providing sports reviews and predictions for upcoming games.

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