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Tatum vs. Curry in the 2022 NBA Final

Jayson Tatum will probably have the toughest task in his career so far as he will go face-to-face with none other than Steph Curry himself. The 24-year-old American from St. Louis, Missouri, has shined bright throughout the Regular Season and managed with ease to transfer this performance into the Playoffs. He was among one of the most crucial factors for the Celtics’ clean sweep against the Brooklyn Nets in the First Round. Tatum averages 27 points per game in the Postseason which is a remarkable achievement.

On the other hand, Steph Curry took some time off the court towards the end of the Regular Season which gave him enough time to focus on the Playoffs. So far, he leads his team in scoring with 25.9 points per game and 44.9% shooting. Curry has almost 7 fewer minutes on average compared to Tatum’s 41.1 minutes per game. Despite his previous turnover troubles, he seems to be concentrated this year as his playmaking performance has been outstanding conceding just 2.6 turnovers per game.

On the contrary, more playing time for Tatum suggests more mistakes as he averages 4.3 turnovers in the Playoffs. All in all, this will be an intriguing matchup to follow throughout the series.

Denis Kirilov has extensive knowledge of sports, from soccer and tennis to some of the more popular American sports. He has followed the NBA, NHL, and MLS for over a decade and enjoys providing sports reviews and predictions for upcoming games.

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