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Warriors remain unbeaten at home in Playoffs

The Golden State Warriors are undoubtedly the favorite to win the NBA Championship this season. They have managed to time their form perfectly for the Playoffs as Steve Kerr gave his players some time off the court towards the end of the season. The 2018 NBA Champions have only struggled against the 2nd-seeded, Memphis Grizzlies, in the Second Round of the Playoffs which was an intense battle.

Even though they didn’t manage to make a clean sweep on their way to the 2022 NBA Finals, the Warriors remain undefeated in front of their home crowd in San Francisco. They are heading into Game 1 against the Boston Celtics with an impressive 9-0 record at home which should scare any team in the NBA.

There hasn’t been a team in NBA history that has made more than 10 straight Postseason wins at home. One of four rosters have reached 10 consecutive victories as they all went on to win the Finals eventually – the 1977 Blazers, the 1986 Celtics, the 1987 Lakers, and the 1996 Bulls. Therefore, we can expect to see another record getting smashed by the Warriors. They will mainly focus on winning the title, but as it is the Warriors they probably are going to do it in style.

Denis Kirilov has extensive knowledge of sports, from soccer and tennis to some of the more popular American sports. He has followed the NBA, NHL, and MLS for over a decade and enjoys providing sports reviews and predictions for upcoming games.

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